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Mini pet portraits are 4in x 4in watercolor and ink illustrations on paper. Usually this is one pet per paper, but up to three pets will fit comfortably. Otherwise, each pet will have its very own space.

The price is $30* per pet due to time. Up to 3 portraits will be sent in a postage stamped envelope. 4+ will be sent first class with tracking.

Fill out the form to put in your order! Once I receive your form I'll confirm and request reference photos and mailing address. Keep in mind that it's important to have clear photos of the animals with their eyes open and faces forward. The better the photos, the better the illustration! :)

Orders are usually sent within two weeks of original order date, but may be delayed due to the number of orders.

*Payment should be made at time of order via

Venmo (@highfivehannie) or PayPal (

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