St Anne Print

St Anne Print


8in x 10in archival matte print of original acrylic painting of Saint Anne


From "The Monastery" manual:

I had this vision of a mama bear with her cub and wondered what that meant for the very iconic-esque shaped board I had to work with. So, I went out into the World Wide Web to search about the patron saint of motherhood. 


To my surprise, as I researched the typical nature of mother bears to be so protective, I stumbled on this article a photographer had written. They wrote about how they had watched a female bear —who are commonly known to fiercely protect their offspring— leave her drowning cub in the treacherous current of the water in order to save herself. 


I thought about St Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary, what her story could be as a mother to Mary, her pre-teen daughter who was suddenly with child, betrothed to an older man. I thought about the Church as a mother. I thought about all of the comparisons, the feelings, and how I related.


In this painting the imagery is just very straightforward at the center. You have St Anne with her cub, Mary and the growing vine of pink roses. St Anne is holding a honey stick where a bee lands and there could be a touch of metaphor here with the sweetness of honey, the sting of a bee. The rainbow trout stream border is a symbolic, kind of framing of this story; the protective mother who will leave her cub to fend for herself in turbulent waters. But I think I see it as a powerful story, not a story of a martyr. Sometimes the paintings are straightforward with their details, I think this one is sort of open for interpretation.