St Gabriel Framed Original

St Gabriel Framed Original


St Gabriel | patron saint of postal workers 7in x 7in original acrylic painting with postage stamped frame


From "The Monastery" manual:

Did you know that the USPS doesn’t receive taxpayer money via the government? They are funded wholly by the purchase of postage and other services, such as: P.O. Boxes, money orders, and passports.


I just think about all of the things I personally send through the mail, maybe you'll get this in the mail! And I do all of that for a pretty low price, which would not be possible without the U.S. Postal Service. But beyond what I mail, when I was learning more about the post office, I read about how for so long the postal service was the only way rural areas got their news. The USPS was the only one who would bring them all of their information and correspondence. 


In 2020 they were at risk of being shut down with extra thanks to the consistent lack of aid from the government. This was all happening. during a chaotic election season where many ballots were being mailed in due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Voters were being suppressed and apart from the election, Americans were potentially going to lose a valuable resource. 


I like to think of the USPS as a holy, foundational part of our community, as slow and snail-like as they are.