St Joseph Print

St Joseph Print


8in x 10in archival matte print of original St Joseph painting


From "The Monastery" manual:

One of the most profound and scariest things I’ve done is reflect on things I thought I knew or were good for me and accept that I had been wrong and need to move on. There is freedom in that happy death. Letting things go that were not truths to me, accepting that there are healthier things ahead, even if the journey forward will be work.


The full moon as the holy halo is completely illuminated and a symbol of clarity. St Joseph, the bat is a symbol of death and rebirth. The moonflowers growing up from the inverted arch are representative of blossoming in dark times, the potential for evolution of self in difficult seasons of life. They open in the light of the moon, reflecting its brilliance back.


There’s a loneliness that comes from letting go, but there’s power in the acceptance and acknowledgement of new things.