St Rita Print

St Rita Print


8in x 10in archival matte print of original acrylic painting of St Rita


From "The Monastery" manual:

After a collaboration had just gone awry, I asked my friend Michael Arpino of The Moth Flock if he would be interested in working on a background for one of my pieces. When I started this series I saw it more as a one person project, probably to protect myself, because of the personal nature of it. But as I talked more about it and the meanings, it felt really important to make it a collaborative effort. Building a community of people contributing even their thoughts and ideas, was really valuable to me. 


Michael took the board first and painted this beautiful goldenrod color with flowers and stars and I thought there really wasn’t any better way to honor this piece than to do my own rendition of his button-eyed possum from The Pokeweed Jamboree.


Thinking about opossums' survival tactic of playing dead, it made me consider all the ways in which I try to survive, even sometimes “playing dead”, couch potato-ing and resting. 


Author Ashley Simpo said, “You really have to tend to heart pain like it’s body pain.”  Which wasn’t something I had ever considered before. I find that I tend to push through it, “managing” it by putting my energy into obsessively controlling other things, like cleaning the house. I feel like we are all just trying to make it like a bunch of scruffy, scrappy possums.