St Ulphia Print

St Ulphia Print


8in x 8in archival matte print of original acrylic St Ulphia painting


From "The Monastery" manual:

Growing up is kind of hard and emotional. There’s a transformation happening. And even if you’re an adult, technically speaking, you’re still growing up and transforming. Sometimes in transformation there is pain and hopefully healing. 


I have a memory of sitting on a hill of eucalyptus trees with the other students in my high school graduating class. They had been my friends and like my family for a long time, even though I had been back and forth between schools and countries. In my memory, the air is crisp with the smell of tea tree oil, even if just in my memory. And I just feel an ache in my chest, like this moment was forever and not at the same time. 


I used to use tea tree oil on pimples and wounds in high school, it’s supposed to have healing properties in it. That afternoon on that hill felt like a symbol of healing in transition and transformation. 


I like to ask myself questions to find answers. And sometimes the questions are the answers. 


So… Where is the healing in transformation?